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The Electric Vehicle Revolution

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Whether you’re a fan or not the EV market is booming! Already there are plenty of vehicles to choose from which fall under BEV (battery), PHEV (plug in) or REX/ E-REV (Extended range).

With most countries committed to phasing out conventional vehicles, car manufacturers are now heavily investing in EVs, and new plug-in models are being released regularly. In fact many manufacturers have committed to including substantial numbers of EVs across their model ranges within the next three to ten years. Even Dyson who you would normally relate to vacuum cleaners has jumped into the Electric Vehicle market and looking to debut their first car of an expected three in 2019.

What's the difference between an electric car and a hybrid.

Both use the same technology which was designed to decrease the use of fuel for powering engines. Totally electric cars mean they need to be plugged in and charged and the range is only as far as the charge.

Regular terms used on electric cars are:

BEV –(battery electric vehicle) have no combustion engine, relying only an on-board battery which provides energy to an electric motor. Generally speaking, pure-electric vehicles are perfect for town/city driving, commuting, and predictable short to medium trips. Usually they can achieve 50-60 miles on a single charge, the Tesla however can do up to 200 miles. Successful use of a BEV also requires access to a home or workplace recharging unit and, to permit longer journeys, access to the public charging network. In contrast, PHEVs and REXs offer longer range and fuel flexibility in that they can be charged directly using any suitable source of electricity or can be refueled using petrol or diesel.Electric vehicles emit no pollution from the exhaust, which means they have a much smaller local environmental impact. They operate very quietly and are generally extremely easy to drive, with no real gearbox to speak of and a great deal of power at low speeds. You can drive an electric car on an automatic-only driving license.

British Gas have created a new tariff Green Drive to cover owners of BEV cars so they can take advantage of the lower nightly pricing however it starts at 12.30 am till 7.30am. A domestic charge at 240 volts will take 6-10 hours depending on the tech in your car.

PHEV - Plug-in hybrid EVs have an electric powertrain together with an on-board combustion engine, which enables operation in full-electric mode, using conventional fuel, or a blend of both. You can use the combustion engine for as many miles as you have fuel for but also be able to use the electric function.

REX/E-REV – Extended range electric vehicles have a plug-in battery pack, electric motor and an internal combustion engine. The electric motor always drives the wheels, the combustion engine acts as a generator to recharge the battery.

Fuel Cell Vehicles – Again these are electric cars powered by a fuel cell stack which uses hydrogen to produce electricity which then powers the wheels. The fuel cell is an electrochemical device similar to a battery, unlike a battery it does not need recharging just feeding with hydrogen. Hydrogen fuel stations are being rolled out across the country and a typical range you can expect is 300 miles.

These are some of the advantages in moving to an EV vehicle:
Lower Fuel Costs
Reduced maintenance
Zero or reduced tax
Environmental Impacts
On board Tech

Tesco and VW have recently announced a partnership to role out 2,400 charging stations across the 600 Tesco sites, the units will be a mixture of the standard 7kw free chargers and also a 'rapid' 50kw charger which will be a paid option. This roll out will take place over the next three years. To see your current local charging network you can visit Zap Map.

For further information on any of the EV vehicles currently on the market or to make an enquiry please give us a call on 01423 780266.

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Posted on 4th December 2018 at 10:47 AM

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